Gavriel  Mairone

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Gavriel Mairone is the founder of MM~LAW LLC, a law firm dedicated exclusively to advancing private human rights law by representation of victims of terrorism, crimes against humanity genocide, torture and human trafficking in private, mass-tort lawsuits to impose accountability upon the financiers, profiteers and aiders and abettors of the perpetrators of such crimes. MM~LAW particularly focuses on confronting the international financial and support infrastructure aiding and abetting the various terrorist organizations connected with global jihad. MM~LAW currently represents over 15,000 victims of international terrorism and crimes against humanity in lawsuits pending in the U.S., France and Iraq. In 2016 Gavi won Trial Lawyer of the Year by The Public Justice Foundation for his work as part of the team handling Linde v. Arab Bank. This was a mass tort consolidation case with 117 plaintiffs who were injured in suicide bombings and attacks in Israel, 40 wrongful death cases, along with 440 family members of those injured or killed. The plaintiffs claimed that Arab Bank knowingly provided financial support to terrorist leaders and the families of terrorist operatives, including suicide bombers. This case marks the first time that a financial institution has been brought to trial- and held liable -under the Anti-Terrorism Act (18 U.S.C. 2333). Also in 2016, Gavi was selected as one of the 100 top trial lawyers by The National Trail Lawyers. Gavi has over 35-years legal experience, initially specializing in international taxation and business planning and specializing over the last twenty years exclusively prosecuting counter-terrorism civil litigation. Gavi volunteers as a delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Council as well as serving on the International Human Rights Committee of the American Bar Association and the Subcommittees on Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility. He is also a member of the American Association for Justice, and the American Society of International Law. Gavi also serves as member of the International Legal Team of the Kurdish Regional Government for the Recognition of the Kurdish Genocide. Gavi co-authored the draft Bill which became the United States Victims of State Sponsors of Terrorism Act, and lead the successful lobbying which created the USVSST Fund. In the first 3 years of its 10-year life, the Fund has distributed over $3.25 billion to US victims of state sponsored terrorism. Gavi also authored/proposed and lead the lobbying for the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act of 2018, which clarified that attacks against U.S. military forces by terrorist organizations are "acts of international terrorism" under the Anti-Terrorism Act and not "acts of war" for which vets and gold star families would have no civil remedies against the perpetrators and their supporters. The Clarification Act passed with unanimous consent in both the Senate and the House. Education: LL.M. Taxation, New York University Graduate School of Law; Juris Doctor Summa Cum Laude, Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago Kent College of Law, B.A. Philosophy, Hebrew University and Spertus College of Judaica. Military: Special Forces-Airborne, and Counterterrorism Ops, Israel Defense Force. Gavriel Mairone is an expert in international money laundering and terrorist financing and a pioneer in the development of legal remedies available to victims of violations of international human rights law.

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